April 07, 2003 - 07:41
Original site design:

- Muldrake

Adaptations to the original design and code:

- Banshee

Forum Interaction:

We are using PHPBB Fetch All script to make the forum interaction. Other than that, Banshee has lightly modified the original script to attend all the needs of the site. Some other PHP scripts were made or modified by Banshee based on the scripts from the phpBB fetch all mod.


- Muldrake


- Muldrake

Other graphics:

- Tapek, Muldrake, Banshee, Mice16 and Tesla7zap.

News Posters:

- Banshee
- Muldrake
- Aro
- Morpher
- Dutchygamer
- m7
- and all project leaders.

Section Builders:

- Banshee

Forum Icons:

- Westwood/EA Pacific/EALA/Blizzard and whoever made the other games for the original icons.
- Carnotaurus for adapting the RA1 icon.

News Tracker

- Code by Banshee
- TS: Rewire and few other news fetched from ModDB - Game Development RSS feeds.

Alien Message:

- Alien Message???...