Adding Starting Units.
March 26, 2009 - 00:57
This tutorial requires that you edit the PlayerTemplate.ini

Sick of just having that one boring old dozer at the start of the match?  Well, you can change this by having the sides start out with their own little mini armies at the beginning of every match.  This is fairly simple to do, as you are basically only manipulating 1 tag.  Just go to the template of the faction you want to edit, and look for the tag "  StartingUnit0     = ".  You can copy the tag and change the number (I have found that 0-9 works perfectly) to add aqnother starting unit.

Thats basically it, I know this is probably the shortest tutorial ever, but hey, you can get game changing results almost instantly.

If the amount of starting units is limited to 10, I might try to post some ways to get around this, such as manipulating a unit like the troop crawler, that comes with units in it,  The trick will be making the units get out the unit, and then making it dissappear (unless you would infact want that unit).