What is Red Alert 1.5?
January 04, 2012 - 18:26
Hello all!

How did the mod come about?
Red Alert 1.5 was a small pet project of Volgin's that started really as implementing some RA2 units into TS using Renegade 2 voxels. I offered to help and over the course of months, the mod became gradually more sophisticated, adding tesla units, super-weapons and other things that made it more than just a pet project.

A new vision for the mod was developed, that of a Red Alert sequel that aimed to keep the theme and spirit of the original Red Alert while taking a more realistic view of the warfare and geopolitics that underlie the universe.

This vision was not compatible with the TS engine's limitations, thus requiring a move to Ares-powered Yuri's Revenge.

What's the story?
That said, Red Alert 1.5's expanded universe starts at the end of the RA1 Allied campaign. The Allies take Moscow, and Stalin dies. However, this isn't the end of the war: taking a page from history, the Allied advance begins to stall out as its supply lines overextend.

The Soviets, with plenty of ground to give, move their industry east as they did in our World War II. Rebuilding their forces, they counter-attack the exhausted Allies and within months, are poised to once again push into antebellum Allied territory. Allied attempts to stop this momentum shift with the Chronosphere fall flat; a chrono vortex ends up destroying an entire armored division meant to flank the Soviet advance.

The Soviets do not take advantage of this advance however: once reaching pre-war borders, they offer peace to the Allies, and an uneasy armistice is struck.

1.5's events transpire in 1968, 10 years after this armistice. Diplomatic failings, training exercises turned into near skirmishes and brinksmanship seem to be pushing both sides closer to war, a notion that is supported by Soviet armored divisions massing at the border.

Yeah, and where is it at?
Currently, RA1.5 is in a pre-alpha stage by PPM standards, but a test build has already been made.

A large number of voxels and cameos are done; there is a great deal of concept art for Allied and Soviet buildings and most units and buildings are present ingame with placeholders.

What can I do to help?
RA1.5 is not in a beta test stage- tester selection is a little more picky right now. More details can be found in this thread, but for a short breakdown:

2d Artists
3d Artists
Alpha Testers are most needed

Are you going to keep boring me with text? My short attention span demands pretty pictures!
Yes. But will you forgive me if this text takes the form of links to pages with some pictures?

German Lynx Phase Tank
Soviet Mammoth Tank T-57
American Anti-Aircraft Tank M42F

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Allied Faction Info
Soviet Faction Info
American Faction Info